Dive yourself among the treasures of the Spanish galleons and the abundance of marine life.

The Yucatan Peninsula is well known for its beautiful beaches and exquisite resorts, but there is another side to this stunning destination. If you’re looking for something different from your average beach vacation, consider taking a scuba diving tour.

There are several dive sites in the area that offer stunning views and plenty of opportunities to explore shipwrecks and sunken treasures from days gone by. The most famous of these sites is known as “The Shipwreck of the Fleet of 1715”, a group of nine Spanish galleons that were lost at sea after being attacked by pirates in 1715. These ships were transporting gold, silver and jewels when they were they sank , so it is not surprising that they were attacked by pirates. But what is surprising is the amount of gold that has been recovered over the years: more than $50 million!

This site was discovered by fishermen in 1957 when they first noticed an unusual amount of debris on the ocean floor near their nets. After further investigation, they realized that this was not old debris: it was actually pieces of ships that had sunk hundreds.

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