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  • $269,000 Buy

100 meters of Caribbean Beachfront, only $269,000!

"These are truly the BEST LOOKING LOTS you will ever encounter on the Caribbean."

Located just in the Sian Kaan within the Costa Maya region of the Mexican Caribbean, 4 hours drive south of Cancun, where cruise ships visit daily to the town of Mahahual and gorgeous boutique hotels, diving, snorkeling and top fishing activities have developed this community as one of Mexico´s newest tourist destinations.

Buildable beachfront lots with 100 meters (the length of a football field- goal post to goal post) on the water by 70 to 90 meters depth to the road access. (Gorgeous beach homes already in the area.) Nice elevation lots and some of the finest-grained sand you can imagine. Great water entrance for swimming with nothing but soft Caribbean sand underneath the surface. A protected natural reef about 300 meters out from the shore.It was not easy to find such nice looking Caribbean blue water with this very fine, powdery white sand that is protected by a reef 300 meters in front of the lots… at this affordable price.

"Join the other American and Canadian expats that have already bought here!"

Costa Maya Beachfront Lots Property Information

These are 100 meters (365 ft.) wide beachfront lots with mature coconut palms, an exceptional elevation above the sea level for your building site, a long white pure-fine sand beach and warm Caribbean blue water year round.

"Caribbean blue water with extremely fine, powdery white sand beach"


In the Costa Maya region of Southern Quintana Roo, Mexico- specifically in the Sian Kaan (the well-renown Tampalam Beach) 30 minutes north of Mahahual.

Lot sizes:

100 meters (365 ft. length of a football field) on the Caribbean beachfront- (only 1 lot remaining at this date). The lots depth measure between 60 to 70 meters deep and are gorgeous. Just beautiful blue Caribbean water, fine, white sand, and coconut trees.


Currently no power in the area and non foreseeable in the near future (most homes on the Costa Maya and Sian Kaan use Generators of solar energy sources).


Paved road access from Mahahual until the last 2 miles where you enter the gravel/sand coastal road at the Sian Kaan- any easy drive.

Nearest Town:

Mahahual is the main source for groceries and supplies -in the area 30 minutes drive.


Low impact zoning for residential homes.


200 m2 (2,152 sq.ft.) per beachfront lot of construction (includes concrete and block) at 8 meters high (28 ft), plus an additional 20 m2 (210 sq.ft) of decks of terraces.


Plenty of coconut palms and typical tropical jungle with no mangroves.

Brief Description of Area

This Property is located approximately 58 kilometers along the coast road to the north of Mahahual. Currently there is an active airport you pass on the way north of Mahahual. The runway is open for private aircraft.

The first 41 kilometers north is on an asphalt paved road that has been built approximately 1 kilometer inland- smooth and in great condition as it slowly angles to the coast. This paved road intercepts the beach road at the entrance to the Sian Kaan Reserve and converts to graded rock which alternates between smooth and rough, and occasionally somewhat sandy, always drivable. In all approximately 30 minute drive from Mahahual to the property.Along the drive you will note several new constructions; some open and ready to welcome guests.

The blue Caribbean water can be found just under the surface in relatively shallow wells- easily accessible for swimming or any other water sport activity. The coconut trees still thrive on the lots. The beach is white powdery sand. The waters along this coastline are sandy bottom with NO rocks or coral and virtually every kind of sea creature known to this part of the world's second-largest reef system. It is a natural aquarium of epic proportions.

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