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  • $129,000 Buy
  • $129,000 Buy
  • $129,000 Buy
  • $129,000 Buy
  • $129,000 Buy
  • $129,000 Buy

Own Your Beachfront Property for Only $129,000 CASH

These Are Great Lots Packed With Value For This Price! It was not easy to find such nice looking blue ocean water with this quality of sand in the Gulf, especially with 82 x 924 ft. (25 X 280 meters) "That´s 3 football fields deep" Beachfront Lots with Value ELECTRICITY IN PLACE at a Great Price in growing Sisal, Mexico... 30 minutes from Merida´s International Airport!

“These 25 meter (82 ft.) wide lots will triple in value in a few years easily”

Sisal Coast Beachfront Lots Features and Benefits

These are 20 meters (66 ft.) wide beachfront lots with mature coconut palms, an exceptional depth of 280 meters (924 ft), a long white sandy beach and warm turquoise blue water year round.


Pictorial Sunset Views

Minimal Waves and No Dangerous Currents or Undertows

Unique Warm Turquoise Blue Waters

Shallow Entrance into the Ocean for Swimming Access

Tide Variances of Less Than 10 Inches

Mature Coconut Palms

Exceptional 280 meter depth lots (not split by road)!

Popular expat community

Secure Titles -Property titles to these lots have all the legal requierment in order to close properly and without delays.


This beachfront paradise holds a grand future, to simply say… It’s PERFECT!

Sisal is a seaport town in the municipality of Hunucma in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. It was the principal port of Yucatán during the henequen boom, later overshadowed when the more modern port of Progreso was built to the east. It lent its name to the agave-derived sisal fiber which was shipped through it. The town is about 33 miles north north-west of Merida, the state capital. By law when the Yucatán was part of New Spain, all commerce went through the port of Campeche. The residents of Mérida petitioned for a port closer to the capital, and this was granted by Spanish royal decree on 13 February 1810. The new port of Sisal was founded in 1811, and has a late colonial era fortress the "Castle of Sisal", and an old lighthouse. After Yucatán's independence from Spain commerce in the port grew rapidly, and by 1845 was shipping cargo with twice the value that had previously gone through Campeche. After the development of Progreso, Sisal's importance declined and today is a small fishing village, visited by tourist for its spectacular beaches.

GROWTH... As of the Mexican census of 2010, Sisal had an official population of 1,837 inhabitants. Currently the state Government is working to return this port to the splendor of centuries past through the development of projects focused on tourism as declared the Governor of Yucatan. With the planning being done by a U.S. company and to be developed during the next governing term. The port is planned to grow into a tourist destination with expats re-locating to the area as well as shelter-port for fishermen and tourist vessels.

Currently there are various condo developments and residential homes being built in the Sisal area with a strong Governmental renovation program to the town of Sisal.

Sisal is the pride of the Yucatan for retiree tourist developments.

Only an hour’s flight from Houston or Miami to the Yucatan Peninsula.

A new world to explore with a variety of activities - Fishing, Golfing, Beach Walking, Shopping, Dining, even nearby Ruins, to Explore!

You will never become complacent in your future days in the sun.

Do give me an advance notice if you are interested in coming down to see the properties. My schedule is quickly filling with visiting clients. If you are strongly considering a lot purchase but cannot make it down,with a modest deposit I can hold one in reserve for your inspection before they sell out.

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